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What is Endermolift?

Endermolift, by Endermologie is an exclusive anti-aging technique using patented LPG lifts to erase the signs of ageing.  Your Endermolift facial treatment will be customized to your individual needs.  Endermolift targets wrinkles, sagging contours, dull complexions, and water retention.  The treatment is 100% natural and completely painless and non-invasive.  Fibroblasts your skins natural youth cells, are stimulated to create a denser and more compact collagen and elastin network.  Circulation and lymphatic drainage are dramatically increase.  While each successive treatment will increase your results, Endermolift offers a glowing complexion and a natural lifted effect.

This interview was made in May 2012 while dr Tess Mauricio, a board certified dermalogist and cosmetic surgeon was at "The Cannes Festival" reprensenting LPG. This video explains how mechano stimulation has brought a new perspective to the beauty industry. Dr Mauricio shows the importance of taking care of your skin on a daily basis and how impressed she was by LPG mechano Stimulation, a painless and yet effective technology to get rid of stubborn fat, to get rid of the signs of aging. The technique is called Endermolift for the face and Lipomassage for the body.

With age, collagen and elastin production decreases and skin becomes thinner. This skin density loss causes such visible signs of aging as: wrinkles, loose skin, dilated pores... Liftmassage is a unique technique that naturally redensifies aging facial skin by acting on the fibroblast's core.

Advanced technology for therapy and aesthetics

Endermologie ® is an exclusive technology for cell stimulation by mechanical transduction, Lipomassage ®. This method was developed by LPG and allows a 100% natural treatment of connective tissue for therapeutic and aesthetic applications.

The LPG Cellu kit has different treatment heads that make customized treatments possible. Equipped with the highest, exclusive LPG technology has each of these two treatment heads are each independently controlled, motor-driven rollers. Depending on the rotation direction and speed of the rollers a fold of skin is deliberately formed, which differs in its depth and thickness as the treatment.

Rotations for customized body treatments

With different role movements, the effects of body treatments can be effectively differentiated:
With the Roll'in, the slimming fibrosis, adhesions, deep trapped fats are digested and processed. Roll'out is the effective tightening of sensitive, sagging skin. Likewise, this rolling motion is designed for scars and lymphatic drainage treatments. Roll'up one uses the special body contouring, as well as for the treatment of edema, and for drainage.

3 different intensities for the fine tissue of the face and décolleté

This is ensured by three towers, equipped with flaps that swing with controlled intensity. With Slow Lift (4 Hz), etc. can be treated infiltrated, thickened skin, fibrosis, scarring. Speedlift (4 Hz) is ideal for atrophic, sagging and aged skin. High Speed ​​Lift (16 Hz) is an intensity that leads for mature, overstretched skin, as for skin with loss of elasticity to enormous improvements. New is the LPG kit, each customer can be treated with their own essays. Experience the LPG equipment of the latest generation.